My recipes


This is is my recipe and it works well for me.

– 5 c flour
– 2 c sugar
– 2 Tbs sugar – for yeast
– 2 eggs
– 11/4 tsp salt
– 21/4 tsp active dry yeast
– 1 can evaporated milk
– 1 c warm water to proof yeast
– 1/4 c hormone/salt free butter (melted) or olive oil

Mix all dry ingredients minus 2 Tbs of sugar together in glass bowl.

In Masson jar or glass container put sugar, yeast, warm water to proof.

Make whole in center of mix, pour melted butter or oil, eggs, evaporated milk, add the proofed yeast that has started to foam.

Mix into a dough, make small balls about 1in.

Heat oil, stretch balls to desired size and drop into hot oil, fry to a golden brown.
You can put sugar in ziplock bag, shake.




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